Matetrix Storytime

Once upon a time their was a young, handsome fellow by the name of Sebastian Vercoe. This brave and noble lad and his close flipping mates (Kevin James Rodriguez and Seth "pop lock it and drop it" Sanders) all loved doing flips together so much, that they decided to create a name for their amazing flip trio. Sebastian quickly came up with the brilliant idea to call themselves Matetrix as they were the three best MATES in the entire universe who did many many TRICKS together...(; and thus Matetrix was born and the brotherly bond they had could never be broken. They definitely did NOT know that eventually the people they used to watch online and think "omg wtf this guy is insane i'd crap if i shook his hand" (definitely talking about Guthrie) are now people who represent Matetrix Tricking and everything we stand for. THANK YOU for all the support! Trickers keep Tricking.